Find it. Fix it. Can I resell it at a profit? What's the difference between a consignment shop, a resale shop, and a thrift shop? How to clean it up. Re-use: the key to ecology with style. Which shop should I take my stuff to? The Resale Guru knows.  

How do I run a garage sale that rocks? What's a steal and what's a deal? What should I look for in a retailer who will sell my stuff? Eco-resale. How do I decide whether having a yard sale is worth it? What cleans brass best? We can help

How to (nicely) get a lower price from a seller. How do I figure out what will sell? Should I eBay? Should I set up a booth at a flea market? Save the Earth.  

How do antique shops get their merchandise? How can I recycle? What stuff sells best? You can do it and we can help.  

Is it really important whether something's in style or not? Fight waste. What are resale shopkeepers looking for? How to make old linens look new. What's a good profit margin? What does in style really mean, anyway? Could I buy one place and sell the same town? Freshening up clothes. Presentation is all: to the customer or to the shopkeeper. How about taking items from one state to another? How does that work? What can I write off on my taxes? Can I make a living at this?  

Is it possible to make a special deal with resale shopkeepers? Will I recognize a bargain when I see one? How do I keep track of what I have? What are the tax implications? Should I quit my day job? Resale and kids: do they mix? And what's with these seasonal sales? What's a picker?

Is being a picker a good way to train for having my own store? Is it real, or is it fake? Is it a steal or a joke? Tracking profits. What to do with my mistakes. What are you waiting for? Learn how to clean it up. What's a good profit margin? How do antique shops get their merchandise? Making a living as a picker. What stuff sells best?  

How do I run a garage sale that rocks? How do I keep track of what I have? How do I find the bargains?

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